Matt DesLauriers

I'm a Canadian artist, now based in the UK. My practice primarily focuses on code, software, and generative processes. I am also an active contributor to open source software, building tools and libraries to support creative coding and generative art workflows.

book signing at a pop-up Meridian exhibition in London – photography by Fred Mouniguet

select work

The Sferic Project (2023 – ongoing), an art and research project studying Earth's natural radio and atmospheric noise.

Sierra (2024), a print + digital collaboration with Avant Arte.

Meridian (2021 – 2022), a long-form generative artwork and book.

FOLIO (2021), a digital artwork exhibited in London, UK.

Subscapes (2021), a three-part essay about my 2021 generative art project, Subscapes.

Wayfinder (2021), a generative poetry game for the web made with the National Film Board of Canada.

Future Sketches – MIT Media Lab (2021), a public talk hosted by Zach Lieberman and MIT Media Lab, on the subject "What do creative coding toolkits of the future look like?"

LUMOS (2018), a digital installation and interactive light sculpture exhibited in Ontario Place, Toronto, during their 2018 Winter Light Exhibition.

canvas-sketch (2018 – present), an open source toolbox for generative artists, and also what I use to create most of my art.


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